Zen Wisdom 143

Psychotherapy deals with motivation. If you are supposed to write to a friend and you procrastinate for no apparent reason, then there might be something blocking your motivation. That's aneurosis. Psychoses prevent one from dealign with reality even on a simple level.

Good therapists do not tell you your problems. They try to get you to realize what your problems are. They also deal quite often with early childhood. A child who had difficulties dealign with parents may find similar but magnified problems arising in adulthood.

Finally, psychotherapy is in the realm of small self or ego. It's been helpful for me. It helps me get through everyday problems. But I couldn't exist only with therapy. It's like running around in a dark room bumping into objects. Therapy may give me some bearings, but I'm still in a dark room with the objects.


Thank you for enlightening me on the role of psychotherapy. I like it that therapists allow patients to figure out their own problems. I am happy to be corrected.

I also like your last remark. One can get a lot of benefit from therapy, but if one depends exclusively on it, it's still like running around in a dark room. Therapy has its uses, but it is not enough.